COLT AND THE OLD 45S Musicians

Bryan Stout (Lead Vocals)

Bryan Stout Colt and the Old 45s

 Bryan had actually been singing his entire life, however, nobody of any significance ever really cared, or even knew.  Then in 1997 he was called upon to record some songs of a songwriter friend in Nashville for demos.  Bryan was given a copy of the recordings that soon fell into the hands of a Dallas independent record label which resulted in a recording contract.  Later that year Coming Home To You, a country/pop CD, was recorded.  The label went out of business shortly thereafter and Bryan’s brief music career ended…until 10 years later, when in late 2007 he teamed up with two other guys and a laptop to form a small band.  That band is now Colt and the Old 45s, for whom Bryan is co-founder and lead vocalist. His five octaves range offers extensive vocal versatility and has resulted in him being tagged as a "freak of nature" by his vocal coach.  

Pamela McDaniel (Vocals)

Pamela McDaniel Colt and the Old 45s

 Pamela has been involved in musical theater and community productions for more than 35 years.  Beginning in her teens, and carrying through her college years, Pamela received extensive training in piano and vocals.  She sang professionally both as a solo artist and with a number of bands throughout the 1970’s. Marriage and raising a family changed Pamela’s musical path. However, maintaining her love and passion for music, Pamela has been very active over the years in her church, where she provides her musical talents and experience by organizing and directing their musical events. Pamela, the little lady with the big voice, joined Colt and the Old 45s in 2008 and remains an audience favorite. 

John Paul (Rhythm Guitar)

John Paul Colt and the Old 45s

John played guitar in the 1960’s while in school in Amarillo, Texas and played all the big hits of that era. His inspiration to play guitar came during his high school years by way of two local Amarillo legends - Jimmy Gilmer and J.D. Souther.  In fact, he learned to play from one of J.D. Souther’s fellow band members at the time, Charlie Bates.  After finishing school John’s life went in a completely different direction and his guitar was put on the shelf, becoming all but forgotten.  After a long 38-year hiatus, John picked up his guitar again in order to form a small band with two other guys and a laptop computer.  Although it had been what seemed like an eternity since he played, and in essence it had been, John was amazed at how quickly his skills returned.  That little band of three guys and a laptop has grown into Colt and the Old 45s, for whom John is co-founder and rhythm guitar player.  

Hose (Lead Guitar)

Hose Colt and the Old 45s

 Hose started playing guitar at 14 years of age and was taught privately over a 15-year period by various jazz instructors in Oklahoma, Minnesota and Massachusetts.  Hose also has 2-years of instruction in music arrangement and composition from the Berklee School of Music.  He was the house guitar player at Oscar Ross Junior College during his late teen years and has been playing the guitar for 40 plus years, 15 of which have been professionally.  Hose continues to enjoy playing Jazz and will sit in with various Jazz ensembles, from big band to sextets, and also enjoys solo performances as well.  Hose teamed up with Bryan Stout and John Paul to form the beginnings of what is now Colt and the Old 45s, for whom he is a co-founder and lead guitar player.  

Byron Yancey (Bass Guitar)

Byron Yancey Colt and the Old 45s

Byron spent 4-years touring Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans and North Africa with the U.S. Air Force band based at Ramstein Airbase, Germany from 1977 through 1980. While in the service, Byron’s colleagues, several of whom were graduates of Berklee College of Music in Boston and Julliard School of Music in New York, mentored him at a level of proficiency equal to those fine music schools. Since then, Byron’s versatility in various musical genres has provided opportunities for him to appear on stage with such varied acts as The Drifters, Black Oak Arkansas, and Diamond Rio and his talents on bass guitar are second to none.  Byron plays bass guitar for Colt and the Old 45s.

Bill Halbrook (Drums)

Bill Halbrook Colt and the Old 45s

Bill took up drums at an early age while growing up in the Mississippi Delta, playing in garage bands and continuing through college where he earned his Masters Degree in music. He is a performer and composer/arranger whose talents are still called upon to site read concerts on both drum set and timpani. His professional career has spanned some thirty years consisting of extensive studio work as well as widespread touring, including three tours in Europe. Bill has performed with Herb Ellis, the Nelson Riddle Orchestra and the De Castro Sisters to name just a few.  He still enjoys playing jazz and big band style music.  Bill joined Colt and the Old 45s, for whom he plays drums, in January 2010.  

Billy Hoover (Keyboard)

Billy Hoover Colt and the Old 45s

Billy began playing guitar at the age of 9  while living in Jacksonville, AR.  At the age of 18 he was involved in a car accident rendering his left arm useless and in a cast.  Unable to play guitar, Billy began playing around on a piano with only his right hand and realized this was the instrument he really wanted to play.  Consequently, he learned as much as he could about the instrument and studied music theory as well.  Billy has played in numerous bands, has recorded with several artists and has traveled extensively during his lengthy music career.  He has written music for television shows airing on The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The History Channel and others. Billy joined Colt and the Old 45s in June of 2010.  

Sandee Yancey (Vocals)

Sandee Yancey Colt and the Old 45s

Sandee has enjoyed singing her entire life, and her dream of singing with a band came true when she teamed up with Colt and the Old 45s. Previously, Sandee filled in from time to time as needed for live performances and participated as backup vocals on the band’s first two CD’s, Back In The Day and Play It Again. Sandee’s versatile soprano voice, well-blended harmonies and on stage energy all contribute to the band’s live performances. Sandee became an official full-time member of Colt and the Old 45s in January 2011 and sings backup vocals. 

Alvin Walk (Trumpet)

Alvin Walk Colt and the Old 45s

Alvin began playing trumpet in high school where he also performed with community ensembles, the local theater as well as a stint in drum corps. Alvin attended the University of North Texas, a highly respected school noted for their school of music. While at North Texas Alvin studied with Don "jake" Jacoby and gained invaluable experience performing with a number of diverse groups including Top 40 groups and big bands. Additionally, he has been commissioned to perform with a number of national artists who have toured through the Dallas, TX area over the years. Alvin joined Colt and the Old 45s in July 2016 and is their lead trumpet player. 

Richard Eckstein (Trombone)

Richard Eckstein Colt and the Old 45s

Richard studied music at East Texas State University where he attended on a music scholarship. He has been playing trombone for 32-years and recently received a Master Degree in Trombone Performance from Texas A&M-Commerce. In addition to playing good ole rock-n-roll, Richard is also well versed in jazz. His background and experience is quite impressive, having performed with entertainers that include Fabian, Bobby Rydell, The Shirelles, Bobby Vinton, Jim Nabors, Mary Wilson and The Supremes, Don Rickles, Robert Goulet, Joe Piscopo, Lorn Luft, Natalie Cole, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Wayne Newton. Richard joined Colt and the Old 45s in September 2016 and is their lead trombone player. 

Cody Schwartz (Saxophone)

Cody Schwartz Colt and the Old 45s

Cody has been a professional musician for over 20-years.  During that time he has performed with top-name artists including The Temptations, Mary Wilson of the Supremes and Chicago.  In addition to playing saxophone, Cody also plays a mean clarinet and flute.  In addition to being an excellent live performer, Cody has also been a highly requested studio musician having played on countless albums over his twenty plus years as a professional. His background also includes performing jazz and big band music, having performed at Dallas’ Morton H. Myerson Symphony Center as well as Ft. Worth’s Bass Hall and Will Rogers Auditorium.  Cody is the newest member of Colt and the Old 45s, joining the band in February 2015, and is their lead saxophone player.